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Product Overview

We manufacture a range of epoxy and polyurethane products specially designed for optimum results in boat building.  Everyone of these products has decisve advantages and benefits to the end user over the older formulations offered by our competitors.  Of course many of these products a superb, best in class for other applications in wood working, sculpturing and craftwork.

Epoxy system for coating and general boat building.

Adhesives for boatbuilding.

Paints and Coatings.


Rot prevention and repair products.

Boatcraft ROTFIX

We also stock and sell most items that a boat builder or repairer would need. (Whilst we target the wooden boat people, our products are also best in class for repairing polyester fibreglass boats as well.)



#1 Clear Hoop Pine


Davey Bronze Boat Fittings

Abrasives, Brushes, Rollers, Trays etc. etc. etc.

We are the Australian agents for System 3 epoxy. (The most interesting of their products is T88 Epoxy  widely used in wooden aircraft construction. )

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Please call Boatcraft Pacific 07 3806 1944 ( +617 3806 1944) for how to contact your nearest reseller.

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