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Lemon Peel the safer Paint Stripper

Bio degradeable  Non Caustic

No Methylene Chloride  No Dimethyl Chloride


Lemon Peel Paint Stripper will soften and make removal easy for most coatings including acrylics, alkyd and oil based paints, automotive paints, single pack epoxy paints, anti-fouling paints and most of the paints commonly used by graffiti painters.


Lemon Peel Paint Stripper will slowly soften two pack epoxies and given time will greatly assist in their removal.


Lemon Peel Paint Stripper has only a minor effect on polyester fibreglass ( This should be tested before leaving Lemon Peel Paint Stripper on a polyester fibreglass surface for a period of time ).

Manufactured by

Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy      Boatcraft Pacific Pty. Ltd.
;46 Chetwynd St., Loganholme. Queensland 4129 Ph 07 3806 1944