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Lemon Peel Paint Stripper


Chemical paint stripping is the process of using chemicals which attach and weaken the paint and or its attachment to the substrate (the thing which has been painted). It is possible to remove paint mechanically, but in many cases this is too slow, too noisy or too dirty to be acceptable. If this is the case, chemical paint stripping can be an attractive alternative.

The chemical paint stripping process uses powerful chemicals to attach and destroy the paint or to disollve the paint or to damage the ability of the paint to adhere to the substrate. Chemicals, especially powerful ones usually come with health and safety dangers and paint strippers are no exception. Some are considerably safer than others, but none can be described as completely safe.

In most cases, good ventilation is critically important and indeed with one type (methylene chloride) poor ventilation can and has led to the death of the user. Adequate hand protection is also important as some of the chemicals will burn the skin and others, the solvents, can and will penetrate the skin with a variety of undesirable outcomes. Reading the safety instructions and the useage instructions is really important with these materials.

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