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Lemon Peel Paint Stripper


Lemon Peel Paint Stripper

1. Always stir well before use.

2. Apply a thick coat (0.5mm to 1.0mm thick), by brush or roller. (2 square metres per litre.) As surface conditions vary, initially test on a small, obscure section to ensure suitability.

3. Immediately cover with sheets of plastic (e.g. Glad Wrap, Plastic Drop Sheet), and leave for about 20 minutes while applying "Lemon Peel" to the next, adjacent area. Time needed may vary dependent on number of coats and age of coating.

4. Gradually peel back the plastic and remove thje softened paint and "Lemon Peel" residue with abroad paint scraper. It is best if the scraper is sharpened to a chisle like edge.

5. Wash the surface with a Scotch Brite pad (or similar) and allow to dry.

6. Some more difficult coatings may require a further application to effect complete strfipping.

7. Surface is now ready for sanding and re-painting.

8. Clean up tools and clothes with soap (detergent) and water.

9. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before resuse.

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Lemon Peel Paint Stripper

Developed by an Australian,
and made in Australia.

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