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Lemon Peel Paint Stripper


Your safety (and our own) is our number one concern.

We asked one of the worlds leading glove manufacturers for their recommendation regarding gloves for our Lemon Peel Paint Stripper. This is the report that they provided.

We are conducting trials based on their recommendations and once those have been done, we will stock the appropriate glove and provide appropraite recommendations for thier use.

There have been some landmark studies on safety precautions with this group of chemicals.  Probably the most significant was the study done in the U.K. about Graffitti Removal products containing NMP by the  UK Government Health and Safety Laboratory, titled " Protective glove selection for workers using NMP containing products -Graffiti removal"

In our factory, our staff use Ansell Barrier Gloves, because they handle the product for extended periods of time.  These gloves are very good at resisting contact by the Lemon Peel onto our hands, how-ever they are expensive, dexterity is limited and not as comfortable as some gloves can be.

For short term splashes, normal latex disposable gloves are adequate.  An idea is to put on several pairs at a time, and if one becomes contaminated, remove it and the underlying one will then continue to provide protection.

We also strongly recommend wearing safety glasses.  The published safety information for the ingredients state that if the material enters the eye, strong irritation is likely.

There are some concerns around the ingedients with persons of child bearing age.  These come from European studies.  We are not able to provide any guidance on how much weight should be placed on these studies.  The only thing we can observe is that NMP is a component of some cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.   The European Safety do seem to find problems with many common materials which have been in wide use for many years. You can find more (a lot more!)information here.
The World Health Organisation is not as concerned.
The Australian NICNAS view is here,-1-methyl-

D-Limonene is found in cosmetics, fragrances and even some food.  It is often derived from oils in the skin of citrus fuits.  There is some additional information here

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