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Araucaria cumminghami

Hoop Pine


An australian native pine. Native to the drier parts of rainforests of Queensland and Northern NSW in places that havr rocky soil with lower fertility.  Most of the timber that is used commercially now comes from plantations.  The trees grow to 60 metres tall and can live for 450 years.  The trees grow slowly and usually very straight. The first major use for the plantations was to provide replacement masts for the sailing ships, indeed a small portion of a plantation established for that purpose survives in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood.

Hoop Pine is also known as Dorrigo Pine, Richmond River Pine, Colonial Pine, Queensland Pine, Moreton Bay Pine, Alloa, Ningwik, Pien, and Arakaria.  Wide boards used to be sold as Deal.

From an ethical, sustainable point of view, Hoop Pine is streets ahead of most of its plantation-grown exotic softwood counterparts.

Some botantical information can be found here

We ONLY stock #1 Clear Grade Dressed All Round Hoop Pine.  This is the finest, most defect free grade available.  This specification states that knots and knot holes, tight or otherwise are not permitted,  no pith can be present, no resin pockets, or bark pockets,  and it is not to have any checks.  How-ever grain disturbances associated with the overgrowth of an occlude branch stub, e.g. blonde knots is allowed to an unlimited extent.

In common with all mills that we know off, the wider boards all all back sawn.  If extreme gain regularity or the stablity of quarter sawn timber is required for a wider board, we would suggest laminating a series of narrower boards together.

According to Bootle, "WOOD IN AUSTRALIA, Types, properties and uses", Keith R Bootle, First Published 1983, McGraw Hill/span>

It has an Air Dry Density of about 530 kg per cubic metre and its mechanical properties are very similar to Douglas Fir (Oregon, Pseudotuga menziesii).  A technical comparison is located here.

Hoop Pine is a soft, light wood that has medium to low stiffness and bending strength.  Hoop Pine has a medium resistance to shock loads and medium strength.

It is very suitable for boatbuilding, is easy to work with both hand and machine tools.  It nails and screws well and it does glue well.  It is suceptable to rot, so normal precautions need to be taken.  Its only limitation is that it is not suitable for steam bending.

The Australian made Hoop Pine Marine Plywood is absolutely the best marine plywood that money can buy.  It is made to AS2272, which is a much tougher standard than the more common standards that imported marine plywoods are supposed to be made to.  It is a bit heavier, but unlike the imported plywood, it comes with a guaranteed strength rating of F17.  We stock a range of this plywood.

We also stock long lengths (up to 6 metres) of Dressed All Round Hoop Pine.  It comes in the standard size ranges shown below.  We will cut to the lengths that you require.  We might not be able to supply all an order in 6 metre lengths as sometimes the mill is unable to supply all 6 metre lengths.

Stock Sizes
  6mm8mm12mm 19mm 31mm 42mm
12     X X X X
19 X   X X X X
31   X X X X X
42   X X X X X
68     X X X X
93     X X X X
116       X X  
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