The ultra long life foul release. Copper plate your boat.

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Cop-R-Bote is a 2 pack epoxy system.  To use it you mix 2 parts of resin to 1 part of hardener by volume which starts a chemical reaction between the resin and the hardener.  The resin contains a considerable volume of ultra fine copper powder.  You mix the two together and apply the resultant mix to the underside of your hull.  Because the copper powder is heavy, it is essential to keep stirring the mix to ensure all the copper does not sink to the bottom.
Being an epoxy system, it adheres to the substrate extremely well, and provided the substrate is sound, can be expected to remain in situ for many years.

Cop-R-Bote Kits.
Cop-R-Bote comes in Red, Green, Blue, Black and Natural (reddish brown).
(They will all revert to a verdigris green over time.)

1.5Litre ( 1 litre resin, 500ml Hardener )
3 Litre( 2 Litre resin, 1 Litre Hardener )
6 Litre ( 4 Litre resin, 2 Litre Hardener )
12 Litre ( 2 x 4 Litre resin, 4 Litre Hardener )

(We only supply this as a complete kit, but if you have had a spill, call us and we should be able to provide resin or hardener to make up for the lost material.)

Due to the Xylene which is in the hardener, this product is classified as a dangerous goods for transport.   This means that it cannot go by post and most carriers add a substantial extra charge for handling dangerous goods.  Depending on the circumstances, in some cases we can supply the hardener without the xylene, requiring the user to locally purchase xylen and add the correct quantity and mix it with the hardener.  This can reduce the transport problem, please inquire.
Please send me the Safety Data Sheets.

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