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Cop-R-Bote Coverage and Quantity Estimation.

You can plan on 10 to 12 square metres per litre per coat, with a recommendation of 3 thin coats.  Thus you can expect to use about 250ml per square metre.

The question of how much area my boat has underwater is a bit harder.  We have doen measurements on a number of boats and have come up with an approximate underwater surface area table.  This table gives an ESTIMATE of how much will be required for typical boat hulls.

LWL Beam Approx under
water area
Estimated Cop-R-Bote
6m 2.2m 18m2 3.6L
7m 2.6m 18m2 5L
8m 3m 32m2 6L
9m 3.3m 41m2 8L
10m 3.7m 50m2 10L
11m 4m 61m2 12L
12m 4.4m 72m2 14L
14m 5.2m 98m2 20L
16m 6m 128m2 26L
18m 6.7m 162m2 32L
20m 7.4m 200m2 40L
  1. This table is a useful estimate for motor cruisers, trailer sailers, conventional keeled yachts and (interestingly) catamarans.  It estimates the amount of Cop-R-Bote required to apply two coats at 10 sq metres per litre.

  2. If the boat's beam is 20% greater, increase the amount of Cop-R-Bote by 10%.

  3. If the boat's beam is 20% less, decrease the amount of Cop-R-Bote by 10%.

  4. Formulae. (Dimensions metres and square metres).

    1. This table. Underwater Area = 0.5 * LWL * LWL

    2. Previous Boatcraft formula.  Area is between 0.5* LWL* (Beam + Draught) and Area = LWL * (Beam + Draught )

    3. Another formula. Area = 0.85 * LWL * BEAM

  5. Of course you can set about calculating your boats underwater area more accurately, but when it is all said and done, what is needed is an area which is close ( within 10% or thereabouts) of the actual area, which will allow you to buy enough to do the job, but not leave much over, so great accuracy is not really needed.

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