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Purbond Adhesive


Purbond is a safe adhesive to use, provided it is used in accordance with our instructions.
The main danger which can arise inadvertently with this class of adhesive is inhalation of active isocyanate molecules.
There are a whole series of isocyanates which can be used to make PUR adhesives.  Purbond uses pMDI which is arguably the safest of them.  In addition, it is formulated as a prepolymer which increases the molecule size and as a result less of it will evaporate.  At normal room temperatures, pMDI has very low vapour pressure, that is, very little of it evaporates and thus the users will inhale only the tiniest amount.  Other commonly used isocyanates (TDI etc ) have a great deal higher vapour pressure and so represent a greater risk.

The take out from this is that provided Purbond is not heated, nor sprayed, there is very little risk of inhalation.

None the less, normal, sensible industrial hygene should be followed.
Work in a well ventilated place.
Wear eye protection.
Wear disposable latex gloves.

If a splash gets into the eyes, gently irrigate the eyes with a continuous stream of tepid water for at least 15 minutes.  If contact lenses are worn, remove them and continue the irrigation.  Refer the patient to a doctor or hospital.
If it splashes onto the skin.  Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.  Do not use solvents to removeit from the skin.  Clothing should not be re-used until it has been decontaminated.

Further information from Work Safe Australia can be found here.

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