High performance PUR Adhesive

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Purbond Adhesive


Technical Data Sheet  

Purbond is an adhesive manufactured by BoatCraft Pacific for bonding timber, semiporous and non-porous surfaces.  Features of Purbond are

                *  high adhesive strength

                *  no long term creep in stressed joints

*  suitable for use on damp surfaces

                *  can be applied direct from the bottle

                *  application is to one surface only, coverage 200 - 250 ml per square metre

                *  100% waterproof, withstands 72 hour boiling water test

                *  sets in (Standard :-1 - 2 hours, F20:-20 minutes, Fx:- 5 minutes ). Fully cured in 24 hours

                *  invisible in close fitting glue lines

                *  contains no volatile or flammable ingredients

                *  sands easily and does not blunt cutting tools

                * ZERO VOC.  NO FORMALDEHYDE

Technical Data Sheet  

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Developed by an Australian,
and made in Australia.