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Feronite Rusty Metal Primer


Feronite Rusty Metal Primer
Feronite Rust Converter

You should always consult the Safety Data Sheet to clarify any safety issues.

  1. Feronite is mildly acidic. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  2. Wash Feronite from the skin with soap and water.  Take off contaminated clothing and wash before using again.

  3. Treat splashes in the eyes by washing immediately with water and eyewash solution, seek medical advice if irritation persists.

  4. If ingested seek medical advice. Do not induce vomiting.

  5. Clean all equipment with water.  Remove stains with lemon juice or household bleach.

Some additional information from the manufacturer of the base resin used in Feronite Rusty Metal Primer..

Skin Whilst it is listed as a skin irritant, no cases have been reported.  It is mildly acidic and may act as an irritant to sensitive skin.  They suggest wearing gloves, e.g. PVC.  Our experience is that latex or nitrile gloves are adequate.  Household rubber gloves should also provide adequate protection.

Eye Protection. It is mildly acidic so if it splashes into the eye, it will cause irritation.  Safety glasses are strongly recommended.  See advice above.

Inhalation. Very little evaporates from these products which can cause harm.  In normal use, there is unlikely to be sufficient airbourne material to present a health risk.  Caution should be taken in special situations such as enclosed spaces, inside storage tanks and the like.  In any event, we recommend normal, good working hygene including the provision of adequate ventilation.

Ingestion. The manufacturer states that it is unlikely to be hazardous if swallowed. They suggest washing out the mouth with water and seeking medical advice if ill effects occur.

Some Additional information about some of the other ingredients.

Zinc phosphate is now probably the most widely used rust inhibitor in paints.  It has replaced the now banned heavy metal inhibitors such as red lead and chromates.  It is also used in dentistry as a cement.

Tannin. This is a hydrolyzable tannin extracted from the bark of a tree.  The supplier states that the only hazard is as an irritant to the eyes.

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