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RANSA Heritage Door Restoration

by DRIVE MARINE, Boatcraft Pacific Sydney distributors.
The Heritage boatshed doors at the RAN Sailing Association were looking sad with Rot gaining hold in the lower parts. Using Wot Rot Repair techniques they are now looking like new saving some beautiful cedar and oregan which is irreplaceable today.

Doorbefore door2 door3
Rot affected door removed ready to commence repair. Note the whitish colour on the bottom. this was badly damaged timber. Approx 50mm cut off of Damaged timber level to Bottom Beam Note Extent of Damage. Removing all paint using heat Gun and wire brush. This also removed most of the loose rot.
door 4 door 5 door 6
Door sanded ready to apply Epoxy. Note Grey Duct Tape on Right Hand Coner. It was used underneath as well. As epoxy will not stick to it

Next step to apply Bote-Cote thinned with TPRDA until the timber is saturated.

Once the timber is saturated with epoxy, mix sanding filler with Bote-Cote until thickened to peanut butter consistency. Apply until all crevices are filled.

door 7 door 8 door 9

The Second door filled with Bote-Cote thickened with sanding filler. Note the metal strips nailed on the front edge over the duct tape to contain the epoxy-sanding filler.

The First door sanded ready for painting. The First door after painting
door 10    




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