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Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar Tree

A very large confierous tree native to north west North America.  It is a very long lived tree, with one specimen having been verified as 1460 years old.  It grows to 70metres tall and can have a trunk which is 4 metres in diameter.

It has been introduced to other countries including Australia and New Zealand.

It is a light brown coloured, soft, light weight timber (350 kg per cubic metre) with an attractive aroma.  It is quite resistant to decay.

It is popular with boat builders in the form of strips which are used in strip planking to form compound shapes.  It is usually available in lengths to 3 or 4 metres.  Canoe and kayak builders frequently use this method, although much larger boats are also made this way.  Its reddish brown colour is often used to provide contrast to the blonde colours of other timbers in feature sections of boat construction.

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