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 333 gsm Carbon Uniaxial Knitted cloth
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Please note, these specifications are typical of the material which we supply.  The manufacturer does make changes at times, and we may also change supplier, so that if it is critical, please contact us to verify the specifications of the cloth you are purchasing.

This specification is for Zoltek Panex UD300
Yarn Type 50K Continuous Carbon Tow  
Construction Unidirectional 0 (Warp)  
309 gsm
90° 10 (34 tex E-Glass) gsm
Weight 333 incl polyester stitching 6gsm and 8gsm binder.  Tricot Stitch Pattern grams per sq metre
Thickness 0.57 mm (nominal)
Width 122.2 cm
Full Roll Size 100 metres
Compatibility Epoxy Compatible  
  Germanischer Lloyd Approved  

Typical Fabric Properties in a Composite. Average values are shown for a standard epoxy system with the Fibre Volume Fraction being 55%

  English SI Method
Tensile Strength 210 ksi 1449Mpa DIN EN ISO 527
Tensile Modulus 18.3 msi 126 Gpa DIN ESO ISO 527
Compressive Strength 117 ksi 809 Mpa ASTM D694
Compressive Modulus 15.5 msi 107 Gpa ASTM D 695

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