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Pink Marine BS1088 Plywood report.

Update to 20 September 2011.

 Each batch is likely to be different so we will update this report after each shipment is received.  Our idea is to make sure that our customers do understand what we are offering.

 These plywoods are handled under chain of custody systems to do what we can to make sure they are sustainably and legally harvested.

4mm  30 Aug 2011 The 4mm is (as always) 3.6mm thick and 3ply in construction.  The face veneers are thin and the central veneer is thick.  It has more than 60% of the fibres in the centre veneers and thus does not comply with BS1088.  It is none the less is labeled BS1088.  The faces are a uniform pink/brown colour.  It does have core gaps, a few of which exceed the allowable 0.5mm.  Provided it is sealed with epoxy (and preferably sheathed with fibreglass cloth) it will be quite satisfactory for many boatbuilding purposes.  It would clear finish nicely.  It is made in Indonesia and is labelled B-B/A Bond/WBP.

6mm 30 Aug 2011 Marine BS1088 is out of stock. We do have stock of 6mm Exterior grade pacific maple, which from all appearances would comply with BS1088.  Its core gaps appear small and very few in number, one face is a good B and the other a good C, with some defect filling noted on the C Faces.  It is 5 ply with reasonably balanced ply thicknesses.  The face veneers vary considerably in colour from a real pink to a very blond colour, which reflects the various shorea trees sub species colour variation.  This would be very suitable for interior boat joinery and above the water line use.  I would probably be happy with it below the waterline, provided it was fully coated in epoxy.

 9mm 3 Aug 2011 The 9mm is edge stamped "9mm BS1088-1:2003 MARINE (S)" and is of very good construction, 7 ply with all the plys being of almost equal thickness and the plywood has well balanced fibre directions.  The face veneers about 1 mm thick, and a blonde colour instead of the more pinkish colour we normally expect.   A sheet weighed in at 18kg, a bit heavier than usual.  Sheet thickness is around 9.0mm.  We cut a sheet up into small squares.  No core gaps of any significance have been found.  We broke some samples in 2 and were pleased to discover 100% wood failure with no sign of adhesive failure where the sample snapped.  We boiled a sample for 72 hours with no signs of glue or timber failure.  One of the better quality imported plywoods we have seen for some time.

 12mm  20 Sep 2011 The 12mm ply is is edge stamped "12.0mm WBP MARINE BS10881:2003".  It is a seven ply construction (permitted, but not a high quality construction) with very thin face veneers (about 0.7mm thick) again permitted, but not good practice.  It probably has no more than 60% of the fibres in one direction, but I would need to do the calculations to be sure.  Looking at the edges of the ply, a few core gaps were visible (BS1088 permits a small number of no more than 0.5mm in size).  A very few of these core gaps were considerably bigger.  The faces have some small holes in them which will require filling, making it mostly suitable for paint finishing.  These holes are no more than 50mm long by 3 or 4mm wide.   The selected sheet weighed 20.4kg a little heavier then usual. Verdict, due to the core gaps, does not comply with BS1088 and the 7 ply construction with thin face veneers is less than desirable, how-ever for most boat building tasks, it will do the job and do it without any concerns.

18mm 30 Aug 2011The 18mm is edge stamped 18mm 4' x 8' WBP Marine BS1088 1:2003.  The label states MARINE BS1088 B-B WBP AKB Brand. Made in Malaysia.  It is 9ply construction with thin (about 1mm) face veneers.  The face veneers on the sheets I checked look to be a good B grade with no visible defects, and they have a uniform pink colour.  There are minimal core gaps and what there are appear to comply with teh specification.


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