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Hoop Pine  (Araucaria) Specification.

No 1 Clear Grade.

The highest specification commercially available.

 Grade mark >



No.1 clear

Pencil docking

Not permitted

Knots & knot holes

Not permitted

Knot sized defects ie overgrowths of injury, mechanical damage, bearer marks, resin stains

Not permitted

Grain disturbance associated with the overgrowth of an occluded branch stub. Eg blonde knots



Not permitted

Want & wane includes pith, splits and any other defect that fits into the allowed wane area

Up to 5mm on a edge & 10mm on a face permitted, on one arris only. Other edge can have 5x5

End splits

Not permitted

Blue stain

Not permitted

Brown stained heart

Not permitted

Needle trace - unsound

Not permitted

Needle trace - sound


Insect holes

Not permitted


Maximum of 2mm in 100mm of width


Up to 30mm in length < 4.5m

Up to 50mm in length > 4.5m


Up to 15mm in length < 4.5m

Up to 25mm in length > 4.5m


Up to 10mm in length < 4.5m

Up to 20mm in length > 4.5m

Sizing tolerance

Width: - 0mm, + 5mm thickness: - 0mm, + 3mm

Moisture content

Average of a board should not exceed 15%

 Many customers ask us for quarter sawn planks.  Unfortunately, the trees are not sawn so as to make these available.  In the smaller sections, such as 19x19 and 31x31, it is just a matter of turning the piece the right way.  If quarter sawn is important, perhaps laminating a number of smaller pieces might make up a piece with the desired properties.

This timber comes from government owned plantations in Southern Queensland.  Unfortunately, the extent of the demand was not completely forseen 40 years ago so that the logs are often smaller than optimum.

Derived from MV_G-DM002 Cuttings sawn 20111003.doc  Version date 031011


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