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Nesting Joey Nested

Joey is an elegant lightweight pram dinghy designed for stitch and glue construction using just three sheets of plywood to make a full 2.4 m (8ft) long boat.  It is available exclusively from BoatCraft Pacific either as plans including full size patterns, or as a pre-cut kit supplied ready to assemble and including all items necessary to build the boat right up to the painting stage.  It is ideal as a small tender for larger craft, being suitable for rowing, sailing, or to carry a very small outboard up to 2 HP.

 Many boat owners need a tender which can fit into a quite confined space such as a yacht foredeck.  In response, a new version of our Joey dinghy has been created which can be separated into two halves to nest one inside the other.  Upon reassembly using just eight wing nuts, all the features of the standard Joey can be enjoyed.

 EASY TO BUILD.  All you need are basic woodworking skills and tools, and a couple of weekends to build the boat.  All the components are accurately cut from exact patterns which have been pre-assembled, so the boat can be constructed without need for any adjustments to the parts.   Using the proven ‘stitch and glue’ technique the matching edges of panels are held together by plastic ties through pre-drilled holes.  The joints are bonded together with a filled Bote-Cote Epoxy putty and covered with fibreglass tape.   Gunwales, bulkheads, and thwarts are glued in likewise, and the entire boat is given three coats of Bote-Cote Epoxy inside and out.  Final sanding and painting will see the boat ready for launching.

 A comprehensive book of instructions is supplied for building the boat.

 SAFETY and STRENGTH.  Joey’s construction is based around three sealed compartments under the seats which are foam filled.  These add up to more than 60 litres of permanent buoyancy, making the boat unsinkable.  Those same foam filled compartments act as strong reinforcing beams across the boat, and add to a soundly engineered structure.

 LIGHT and DURABLE.  Weighing just 25 kg, Nesting Joey is light enough to be carried by one person.  As a Tender it can be lifted easily from the water, separated, and stowed on board most larger boats, or it tows easily behind.  Bote-Cote Epoxy effectively seals the wood against moisture and rot. So with reasonable care your Joey will last at least as long as any fibreglass boat……..at a fraction of the weight and cost !

 GOOD LOOKING, EASY TO ROW and SAIL.   Joey is an attractive little boat with excellent volume and hence carrying capacity.  It can accommodate three light adults using oars, or small outboard motor.  It can use typical small dinghy sails such as for Sabots etc for enjoyable sailing.

Joey Sailing


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