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Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy

Our People

Ian - Brisbane

I started sailing small wooden boats in the year of the Melbourne Olympics (1956). and I built my first wooden boat about 4 years later and I have been sailing small craft around Australia ever since. Some of my more foolhardy efforts have involved long ocean passages in ridiculously small craft or ditto but without normal comforts like an engine. I interrupted my life to get an engineering degree, and enlivened some other peoples lives as an army officer. Parachuting and flying in Australia and Papua New Guinea were a buzz.  I just love it when  a customer comes beaming with pride at his accomplishment with photographs of his pride and joy.

Greg - Brisbane

For my first life, I enjoyed (really, especially the country bank postings) assisting people with their finances, whether it be acquiring their first home, a boat, a business, etc. After 34 years in the Banking and Finance industry, I disembarked.
Then, one morning I received a call from long time friend and previous business partner, Ian Phillips, inviting me to lunch. When I say lunch, I really mean Pizza and Red wine. (Two of Ian's basic food groups, chocolate is the other one.)
The next thing I knew I was aboard BoatCraft Pacific sailing off on a new adventure. From a world of Financials, $'s and cents to a world of innovation, wooden boats, playing with epoxy & polyurethane and attending wooden boat & timber festivals.
I have even acquired a 17ft 1930's wooden boat that has been restored and converted to a steam boat, "Bluebell".
"I'm like a kid in a lolly shop!" and eager to assist you. Come aboard!

Brendan - Brisbane

I have been mucking about in boats since before I could walk. Growing up in Melbourne I spent every weekend at the beach, either fooling around or racing at various clubs around the bay. My first passion is multihulls but really, any boat will do. Since coming on board at Boatcraft in early 2016 I have really enjoyed my interactions with customers, building or restoring different watercraft, aircraft and modelcraft of all shapes and kinds. I'm ready to help you with anything you need. I get a special satisfaction from assisting novice boat builders take their first steps into the realm of owner builder.

Ray - Brisbane

Protas - Brisbane
 A refugee from Burundi, Africa.  Protas spent some 15 years in a refugee camp.  Whilst there he continued his studies and qualified for two degrees.  Protas manages the manufacturing part of our business.

Ziggy - Brisbane
I am the Brisbane PR Manager and company mascot  My mum and dad were Bull Arab dogs who understood pig hunting, but my boss won't tell me about that.  I look after meet and greet at our Queensland factory.  I  applied for the job when I was living at the RSPCA shelter.  I love to go to boat and trade shows wearing my Bote-Cote jacket where I often successfully cadge snacks.  I give lots of cuddles to my fan club members.

Dave - Sydney

Scott - Sydney

Warren - Melbourne

Robert - Adelaide

Nikki - Adelaide


Our Brands

Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy

Aquacote Marine Paint

Cop-R-Bote Long Life Antifouling paint.

LuciClear Casting and Art Resin, Bubble Free Deep Pour

Pour On Gloss, the bubble free high gloss finish.

Epox-E-Glue 2 pack waterproof gap filling glue

Purbond Single Pack Water Proof Glue

Feronite Rusty Metal Primer

Lemon Peel Paint Stripper

Developed by an Australian,
and made in Australia.