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Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is a coating that chemically eliminates surface rust and primes the steel surface in one application. It does away with tedious and costly surface preparation such as sandblasting or grinding, followed by application of solvent based anticorrosive priming paints. New Feronite Primer replaces all this, and in addition it can be applied to damp surfaces so weather conditions are not a limitation.


Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is based on the successful Feronite tannin pre-treatment for rusty surfaces. It is a non-toxic non-flammable water based chemical comprising highly protective resins, tannin extracts, and anti-corrosive additives. When applied to rusty metal the mixture has the ability to penetrate deeply into the rust layer and convert it into a stable black iron oxide-tannate complex, which then combines with the resins present to make a tough, stable, well bonded paint film. When cured, this barrier film is resistant to oxygen and to water, either liquid or vapour, and the anti-corrosive additives incorporated actively prevent further development of rust, even if the coating is damaged.


Feronite Rusty Metal Primer de-rusts and primes rusty steel in one application, and is compatible with all types of paint for finish coating, The coating cures in only a few hours, so complete preparation and painting can be completed in just one day.


The special features of Feronite Rusty Metal Primer are:


         converts rust into a protective barrier

         de-rusts and primes in one application (two coats for maximum durability)

         water based, so thinning and cleaning require water only

         contains no toxic or harmful solvents, lead, or other ingredients, and is non-flammable

         only preparation is degreasing plus light wire brushing or similar to remove loose scale, powdery rust, and flaky paint

         compatible with all paint types

         requires painting with undercoat and topcoat only

         can be overcoated when dry , in just a few hours

         can be applied to damp surfaces - no weather limitations

         primed surface is stable for months before finish panting


Feronite is especially suitable for use on partly rusted galvanised iron as it does not contain strong acids that can attack the protective zinc coating which may remain around the rusted areas.




Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is available in 250mL, 1Litre, 5 Litre and 20 Litre containers.  The product has a shelf life of twelve months from the date of manufacture and should be used within that period.


This product should only be used in accordance with instructions on the container label or written instructions from the company. This is not a specification and all information is given in good faith. For application in special conditions, consult BoatCraft Pacific Pty. Ltd. or an appointed agent for detailed recommendations. The manufacturer warrants that its products have been manufactured under strict control to its normal standards. The performance of the product will vary according to the nature of the surface to which it is applied and the preparation and the mode of application. As the manufacturer cannot supervise the above procedure no warranty as to fitness of the product for a particular purpose can be given provided that nothing herein shall be deemed to exclude, restrict or modify any conditions or warranty expressed or implied by any statute whether State or Federal.



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