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We recommend that Cop-R-Bote should be spray applied in preference to roller or brush application.  The reason for this is that, after the coating has cured, it must be sanded to expose the copper metal to obtain optimum foul release effect.  A very smooth coating will  require  less sanding to achieve this, and the smoothest coating will be obtained by spray application.  There is, however, nothing wrong with roller or brush application, they will simply require more sanding to obtain the desired finish.


Cop-R-Bote cannot be sprayed through a conventional (suction) gun.

It is best sprayed through a gravity feed unit, or similar, where the paint is fed by gravity into the gun from a pot fitted above the gun.  This will require frequent refilling as only small volumes can be handled at a time.  The benefit of such a gun is that no copper can settle out and be lost.  A tip size of 2.0 mm is satisfactory, at a pressure around 400 kPa (50 psi).

Alternatively, a stirred pressure pot may be used, together with a gun suitable for application of high build primers.  The preferred tip size is 0.50 to 0.65 mm (0.020” to 0.025”).  The pressure pot must be stirred or agitated frequently to prevent settling of the copper.


Do not thin Cop-R-Bote for sprayiing.  Addition of thinners will cause the copper particles to settle out of suspension quickly.

Always stir or agitate the mixed Cop-R-Bote frequently during application, to ensure that the copper remains uniformly dispersed in the liquid.

Adjust the fluid and air needles to ensure that sufficient fluid is being applied to the surface without causing runs, that there is sufficient air pressure to atomise well, but not so much air as to dry the f luid excessively and cause ‘orange peel’ or un-coalesced coating film.  A smooth glossy film should be obtained readily.

Apply two coats of Cop-R-Bote, preferably apply the second while the first is still tacky, usually within an hour or two of the first coat unless drying is retarded in cold weather.  If the first coat is left to cure hard, it should be abraded lightly to provide a key for the second coat.


Abrade the final Cop-R-Bote surface with 180 grit abrasive paper, and finish with 240 grit if an especially smooth finish is preferred.  Abrading it will remove the epoxy paint film from the surface of the copper particles, and the surface will assume a bright metallic copper appearance.  At least 75% of the surface should appear as bright metal, the balance may be in the bottom of small streaks or dimples which would require too much sanding to expose copper at the bottom.


Refer to the product MSDS.  This is an epoxy.  Eye protection must be used.  Breathing and skin protection must be used whilst spraying.  Dust protection for eyes and lungs is recommended whilst sanding the product.


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