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BoatCraft Pacific Contract Epoxy Resin is an economical yet user friendly epoxy resin manufactured for professional boatbuilders and repairers.  Its 5:1 ratio matches industry standard systems, but it is advanced on many other epoxies on the market by using technology developed for our Bote-Cote retail systems.  Contract Epoxy Resin is free of amine blush provided the temperature exceeds 18 deg C and humidity does not exceed 60%.  Other features are:

        thixotropic formulations available to control runs and sags


        minimum irritation ingredients


        reactive diluents available for improved wetting and adhesion


        range of custom formulated fillers and raw materials available


        fast, standard, and slow grades, plus accelerators, are available to adjust cure rates


        production dispensers are available, making dispensing of epoxy components a simple and accurate procedure



 Ratio by volume.  5 parts resin; 1 part hardener
 Ratio by weight  6 parts resin  1 part hardener
 Pot Life (Fast Hardener)  25 - 30 minutes @ 18C
 Pot Life (Standard Hardener)  25 - 30 minutes @ 23C
 Pot Life (Tropical Hardener)  20 - 25 minutes @ 30C
 Pot Life (Equatorial Hardener)  20 - 30 minutes @ 35C
 Cure time  4 - 5 hours, full cure over night (except under cold conditions which can take much longer).
 Minimum temperature  12 C at 50% Relative Humidity.

We do not recommend this epoxies use in cold damp conditions.


 Tensile Strength  MPa  55
 Tensile Elongation %  6 - 8
 Tensile Modulus  GPa  2.6
 Flexural Strength  MPa  70
 Flexural Modulus  GPa  2.7
 Compressive Strength @ Yield  MPa  90
 Compressive Strength @ Failure  MPa  180
 Heat Distortion Temperature  C  55
 Hardness  Shore D  75


Please call Boatcraft Pacific 07 3806 1944 ( +617 3806 1944) for how to contact your nearest reseller.

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