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Change of Mind Returns.

  1. Although we are not obligated to do so, here at Boatcraft Pacific we understand that sometimes you may have second thoughts about your purchase.   To help you, our guiding principal is to be fair to you and at the same time that you should be fair with us. 
  1. We can only accept Change of Mind goods back if we are able to sell them to another customer.  This means that only items returned in “as sold” condition will have the full purchase price refunded.  This means items unmarked and complete including undamaged original packaging, complete and unmarked instructions books, manuals and accessories. 
  1. Where the item or items are not in an “as sold” condition, or if an item has been custom made, or we have ordered it in specially for you, or it is cut from a full size item, has been coloured or otherwise altered to your requirements, or is no longer a current model, or has a significant part of its shelf life already passed we will have to consider whether it can be resold and if so how long that will take and how much we might be able to sell it for. 
  1. We will inspect the item once it arrives at our factory and we will advise you whether we are prepared to provide a full refund, or if not then a partial refund and if so, how much.  If the offered partial refund is less than you are prepared to accept, we are happy to reship the items to you at your expense.
  1. In all cases you must return to us a copy of your original invoice or give us sufficient information so that we can identify the purchase transaction.
  1. If freight expenses of any type have been incurred in sending the items to you, these are not refundable.  Transport costs of returning the goods will have to be paid by yourself.  We do not accept COD shipments. 
  1. If we are forced to incur disposal costs for goods which are of no value to us, we will expect you to pay those. Alternatively you can pay the freight costs of having the goods returned to you once again.
  1. If a refund is to be provided, we will at your discretion provide a company cheque, transfer the money to your account, credit your credit card or hold the amount as a credit against future purchases.
  1. If you advise us that you do not want to proceed with your purchase before we have despatched your purchase, then we may be able to provide a full refund including any transport costs.  This will only apply if the order does not include items which have been custom made, items ordered in especially for you, items cut from full size items, items that have been coloured or otherwise altered to your requirements.  If these things do apply then we may provide a partial refund in accordance with the principals set out in the third paragraph.
  2. We are not able to accept change of mind returns for books, magazines, study plans or full plans.


Please call Boatcraft Pacific 07 3806 1944 ( +617 3806 1944) for how to contact your nearest reseller.

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