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Bote-Cote accelerator is a unique chemical  which is totally compatible with epoxy resin and hardeners.  Small additions (a few percent) of accelerator catalyse the normal epoxy reaction, yet have no effect on the strength or any other properties of the final epoxy adhesive or coating. 

Bote-Cote accelerator presents users with a convenient system for controlling reactivity in response to changes in temperature, mix quantity, or desired setting rate.  Users need keep a stock of just one slower setting epoxy, such as Bote-Cote Tropical Hardener or Standard Hardener, and can increase its reactivity at will according to their requirements.  This represents considerable economy in inventory, as well as avoiding possible waste from using an inappropriate hardener for the particular job in hand.

Typical reaction times at 18C (for standard 100 gm cup tests) are as follows:

% Accelerator 0 2% 4% 6% 10%
Gel Time Minutes          
BoteCote with Std Hardener 130 100 90 80 60
Contractors with Std Hardener 120 100 70 48 38

Please note, the cure of room temperature curing epoxies at temperatures less than 15C is often difficult.  In particular it takes the gelled epoxy a long time to reach near full strength when the temperatures are low. (Days, weeks or more).  The use of accelerator instead of arranging to work in suitable temperatures is not considered to be best practice.  We have supplied Gel Times for larger amounts of accelerator in good faith, how-ever, it is possible that such large amounts could compromise the properties of the cured epoxy.  Prior to deciding to use more than a few percent, the user should do a trial to ensure that the result is acceptable.  These figures apply to the addition of accelerator to standard hardener.  We do not consider that it would be sensible to add accelerator to fast hardener.

Bote-Cote Decelerator

 Occasionally it is desirable to slow down an epoxy mix.  This can be achieved by adding some quite volatile solvent such as Bote-Cote Epoxy solvent or acetone to the normal resin + hardener mixture.  Note that this may only be done for use as a laminating resin or for coating over a previous saturation coat of Bote-Cote, when the volatile solvent can flash off the surface very quickly.  It is not recommended for use as a first coating on timber, because of the possible retention of solvent in the pores of the timber.  It must never be used for making a thickened epoxy adhesive or fillet, as the solvent will be trapped and yield a softer, rubbery mass of low strength.


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