46 Chetwynd St., Loganholme, Queensland, 4129, Australia
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We welcome personal shopper and visitors.  Here is how to find us.


We are 31 kilometres south of Brisbane (20 minutes on the Pacific Motorway outside of peak hour.

Coming from the north, take exit 30 from the Pacific Motorway. You will come to a round about. Take the third exit from the round about, Cairns St., you will see a sign which says "To Chetwynd St.,"  Drive about 100 metres down Cairns St., and turn right into the service road.  About 500 metres down the service road you turn left into Chetwynd St.,  Our factory is about 300 metres down Chetwynd St., on the left diagonally oposite the post office.

Coming from the Gold Coast.  take exit 31, be sure to stay in the extreme left hand lane (this is actually the road which leads on to the Logan Motorway)...  Immediately after leaving the freeway, you diverge left instead of going on to the Logan Motorway.  You will come to a set of traffic lights.  Turn left, then proceed straight through the next set of lights and up over the freeway on the flyover.  On the other side you will come to a round about.  Take the secod exit which will lead you to Burchill St.,  At Burchill St., turn left.  Continue to the end of Burchill St., and you will see our factory diagonally opposite the end of Burchill St.,

These maps have some small inaccuracies.  The drawing of the interchange between the Logan Motorway and the Pacific Motorway is confusing (exit 31), and the drawing of the service road at exit 30 is wrong as it does not connect with the freeway.  If you enlarge the top map using the + button and scroll it, it does display mostly correctly.


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Please call Boatcraft Pacific 07 3806 1944 ( +617 3806 1944) for how to contact your nearest reseller.

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