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The Bargain Basement

New List June 2017

This page lists bargain job lots, manufacturers excess and surplus stock,  asked to sell and the like.

The items are as is, where is, and come with no more than a money back if you are not satisfied promise.  If you do return something, the shipping costs both ways will be yours to pay.

These are not our normal stock items, and once they are gone, they are gone.  In general we do not intend to buy further stocks.

To purchase, give us a call on 07 3806 1944.

Both Ray and Brendan know what is still here and where to find the items.


Hurt Plywood

Over the years we gradually accumulate a few sheets of plywood which for one reason or another is no longer able to be sold as first quality A1. This list is as at 22 September 2016.

We do want to sell these sheets, so if they are a bit too dear, make an offer...

(And if they are gone... they are gone.)

No of sheets Plywood Thickness Issue Discount Suggested
Price each incl GST
1 Chinese Gaboon 3mm Corner missing 10% $70.00
2 Chinese Gaboon 3mm Water stains 20% $63.00
1 Kokoda
(Pink satinwood)
3mm Corner missing 20% $32.00
1 Kokoda
(Pink satinwood)
3mm Split & edges broken 40% $24.00
3 Australian Hoop Pine Ply AS2272 3mm Water stains & damaged corners 10% $108.00
1 Hardwood AFS/PEFC BS1088 4mm Split in one corner 10% $50.00
2 Chinese Gaboon 4mm Corner damaged 20% $68.00
1 Sapelli Mourikis 6mm Split on one edge 10% $222.00
1 Hardwood AFS/PEFC BS1088 9mm Corner damaged 10% $72.00
1 Hardwood AFS/PEFC BS1088 9mm One face damaged 10% $72.00
1 Pink Marine BS1088 9mm Face split on one side 10% $83.00
1 Pink Marine BS1088 9mm Face damage and split 30% $64.00
1 Pink Marine BS1088 9mm Twisted 5% $92.00
1 Pink Marine BS1088 9mm Gouged on one face 20% $77.00
3 Kokoda
(Pink satinwood)
9mm Water stained 10% $91.00
1 Mourikis Okume BS1088 15mm Fork Damaged 15% $184.00

Paint Oddments

Inevitably, we have finished up with a number of tins of aquacote which for some reason have, like that 33 year year old son, come back home to live.  We would really like them to leave home.  Some have colours which aren't quite right, some are special colours for customers who went broke or failed to collect their paint,  some have cans which are dented, some are a bit old (although they should still work just fine, it is just that we don't feel quite right about charging full price for them).

Our guarantee for these is that if they don't work, we will refund your money.  We strongly advise you to try them out first before covering your pride and joy and finding that you hate the colour.

With price, that is our suggestion... but what am I offered???

List date 22 September 2016

No of cans Can Size Colour When made Discount Suggested Price each incl GST
1 500ml Green 376  2015  10% $44.00
1 500ml British Racing Green 2014 20% $40.00
1 500ml Double Sand 2016 10% $44.00
1 2 litre Blue 415 Unknown 20% $138.00



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