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Dynel/Peel Ply Other

Dynel and Peel Ply

DYNELFabrics made from woven polyester fibre are known as Dynel. They are used for laminates requiring high impact resistance. It does well for this task because Dynel is "strechy" enabling it to strech and rebound to absorb the impact. It is the best material of all in this respect, and also Dynel is the lightest of the fibre reinforcing materials. It is how-ever a "limp" material and as a result polyester fibre reinforced laminates lack stiffness. Dynel is thus not suitable for mouldings which need to be rigid.

PEEL PLY This is a tightly woven polyester material treated so that the resin does not adhere to it. Once the rersin and the glass are applied to the surface, peel ply is laid over and squeegeed down so that excess resin soaks up throughh the cloth. After the resin has set, the peel ply is pulled off, removing the excess resin and leaving a good rebondable surface which requires no additional preparation for the next coat.

That is very important, however, the peel ply serves other important functions as well. When applied over the wet lay-ups, you have a surface that will allow you to squeegee trapped air out without allowing the glass layers to move and shift around. When the resin/fiberglass layup is cured and the peel ply is removed, the surface will be free of harmful sharp edges and spurs. Peel ply can help ensure that the minimum resin that is required to properly wet out and bond the reinforcing fibres is all that remains after the peel ply is removed.

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Product Image Weight- Item Name Price
Dynel Cloth, 1m wide per lineal meter 0.12

Dynel Cloth, 1m wide per lineal meter

A heat set polyester cloth of about 105 gsm. Epoxy compatible. It drapes well over difficult shapes. Somewhat stretchy so it can be great on flexy...


Peel Ply 1524mm wide, per lineal meter 0.1

Peel Ply 1524mm wide, per lineal meter

This is an inexpensive polyester peel ply which has a tight weave that is very drapable. Peelply is a light weight cloth which has been treated with...


Porous Nylon Peel Ply 152mm 80gsm Per metre. 0.1

Porous Nylon Peel Ply 152mm 80gsm Per metre.

Porous nylon peel ply Heat set and scoured, for use directly against laminates or bond lines Imparts a coarse weave pattern upon removal from the...


Release Sheet Plain 125 152cm x 25uM Per Metre 0.1

Release Sheet Plain 125 152cm x 25uM Per Metre

Release Bag 125 is an economical release film.  It will release from epoxies, vinyl ester, polyester as well as phenolics.  It is suitable...


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