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Peel Ply

Peel Ply is a loosely woven thin synthetic cloth which is draped over a laminate before the resin system sets up (goes hard). The fibres are selected so that the resin system does not adhere to them.  In effect the Peel Ply creates a line a weakness in the resin system. Once the job has cured, the peel ply is removed (peeled off) and what is left behind is a smooth surface which the imprint of the fabric in it, ready for quick sanding and application of the next coat of resin etc.  All the excess resin which has squeezed up through the peel ply is also removed.

Peel ply leaves a surface which enhances adhesion, and removes excess resin from your job.  We suggest its use when-ever possible.

Peel ply is not as drapeable as some of the reinforcing fabrics, so it is difficult to use it around corners and complex shapes.  It is ideal for use on flat surfaces, it will save hours and hours of sanding.

If you try to use it on complex shapes, you will probably finish up with the folds and lumps of the peel ply strongly moulded onto your work and you will then face a horror sanding task. 

Peel ply is made of both Polyester Fabric (which is the most economical) and Nylon Fabric.  Tests by aerospace companies have not shown any clear advantage for one over the other. 

Product Image Weight- Item Name Price
Peel Ply 1524mm wide, per lineal meter 0.1

Peel Ply 1524mm wide, per lineal meter

This is an inexpensive polyester peel ply which has a tight weave that is very drapable. Peelply is a light weight cloth which has been treated with...


Porous Nylon Peel Ply 152mm 80gsm Per metre. 0.1

Porous Nylon Peel Ply 152mm 80gsm Per metre.

Porous nylon peel ply Heat set and scoured, for use directly against laminates or bond lines Imparts a coarse weave pattern upon removal from the...


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