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A high quality quick drying water based ferrous metal primer, suitable for application directly to rusted surfaces, based on highly protective vinyl/acrylic copolymer resin.



Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is a true rust converting metal priming paint. When applied to rusty metal it has the ability to penetrate deeply into the rust layer and convert it into a black iron oxide-tannate complex, which then combines with the resins present to make a tough, stable, well bonded paint film. When cured, this barrier film is resistant to oxygen and to water, either liquid or vapour, and the anti-corrosive additives incorporated actively prevent further development of rust, even if the coating is damaged.


Feronite Rusty Metal Primer de-rusts and primes steel in one application, and is compatible with all types of paint for finish coating. The coating cures in a few hours, and can be applied to damp surfaces.



Feronite has a milky off-white appearance, which changes to black as the film dries and the reaction proceeds.




Steel structures




building frames

window frames

wrought iron

tank exteriors

Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is especially suitable for use on partly rusted galvanised iron, as it does not contain strong acids which can attack the protective zinc coating which may remain around the rusted areas.




Remove scale, loose rust, old flaky paint, etc, by wire brushing, wet sand blasting, or similar, leaving a coating of firmly adhered rust still in place. Wash down with water, leaving the surface damp.



Stir/shake Fer Stir/shake Feronite Primer thoroughly until sediment is well mixed. Apply Feronite by brush, spray, or roller, After 10 minutes the surface will begin to dry, and for best results a second coat should be applied and worked in well with a brush. Avoid too rapid drying: in warm or windy conditions, apply a fine spray of water to slow down drying and to promote the reaction with the rusted surface.



Wash all equipment with water and allow to soak overnight to remove all traces of primer.


After 3-4 hours the primed surface may be painted with the selected topcoat system. Two coats of finish paint are recommended. All oil based or solvent type paints are compatible. Exercise care in selection of water based acrylic or vinyl paints, as most are permeable to water vapour and therefore do not provide adequate protection to steel surfaces, Feronite will provide protection for up to 12 months without top coating.




8 - 10 m2 /litre, depending on the severity of the surface rust.


Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is non-toxic and non-flammable, but is very mildly acidic. Avoid breathing vapours and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Wash Feronite from skin with soap and water, Treat splashes in the eyes by washing immediately with water and eyewash solution. If ingested, do not induce vomiting and seek immediate medical advice. Only use in a confined space if operator is wearing full protective breathing equipment.





Feronite Rusty Metal Primer is not classified as a dangerous good for purposes of transportation.



% solids                     40

PVC %                      29


SG                            1.28-1.30

pH                             2.0-2.4


Drying time                 3 - 4 hours

DFT                           40p


Heat resistance          70-C

Flash point                 High



Feronite has resisted 400 hours exposure in neutral salt spray test when overcoated with suitable topcoats. In sub-tropical outdoors exposure, both unprotected primer and fully painted samples remained unchanged after 1 year



Feronite Primer is flame retardent on non-flammable substrates, giving a Class 1 grading to BS 476 Part 7 1971 Surface Spread of Flame test.


Feronite Primer is not suitable for use on substrates continually above 60'C. For such service, use Feronite Rust Converter topcoated with approved high temperature primers and topcoats



Feronite Primer is compatible with most conventional topcoat paints, however metal or chromate containing paints should not be used.


The shelf life of Feronite Primer is 12 months  at 20 - 25 'C from the date of manufacture and should be used within that period. Higher storage temperatures will reduce the shelf life, e.g. 6 - 8 months above 30'C.

This product should only be used in accordance with instructions on the container label or written instructions from the company. This is not a specification and all information is given in good faith. For application in special conditions, consult BoatCraft Pacific Pty. Ltd. or an appointed agent for detailed recommendations. The manufacturer warrants that its products have been manufactured under strict control to its normal standards. The performance of the product will vary according to the nature of the surface to which it is applied and the preparation and the mode of application. As the manufacturer cannot supervise the above procedure no warranty as to fitness of the product for a particular purpose can be given provided that nothing herein shall be deemed to exclude, restrict or modify any conditions or warranty expressed or implied by any statute whether State or Federal.


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